Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Slogging through...

Incidental Observer
Oak burl, Stoneware, cone 6 oxidation, glaze, slip
12"w x 8"h x 6"d

Still working on getting the studio space ready. Right now I'm all about the priming and painting of the walls until the electrical supplies come in this week and we get a sub-panel hooked to the side of the building so I can run a kiln and an air conditioner. The work is twice as hard as it needs to be since its been so hot but mostly, it's been so fucking humid. I've changed out clothes several time in a day for the last three days. My shirts and shorts as stiff with salt when they dry. I've sweated in places I didn't know I could. Eyelids??

Everything is white. I have other colors but if I can get a base coat in white for now, I'll be happy. I'm leaving the floors raw concrete. No point getting too fancy since I'm working in dirt, primarily. I think I'd have to spray the floor down and clean it a little bit first before I could reasonably put down a coat of paint.

I'm getting anxious to get working and this is putting me so behind in producing things but it has to be done or I'll never have a working space at home. I could spend a lifetime using other spaces and never accomplishing my own goals so I might as well sacrifice a little now.

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