Thursday, July 29, 2010


Here is some more art for today. Officially titled Study 4, I like to call it Vagina Boat. Stoneware, cone 6 oxidation. That is all for today.

We're closing in on the last big things in the studio renovation. I finished painting inside through the hot, soupy weather. Seriously. I changed clothing at least twice each day since the beginning of this week. Horribly tropical here in SE Kentucky at the moment. Part of nearby Berea got hit with a flash flood yesterday; 6 inches of rain in less than an hour. Amazing.

Anyway, we picked up the heavy-duty electrical supplies which will used to upgrade the electric currently in the garage. How inadequate and dangerous is the electric now? Well, while damp-wiping a drill press that was plugged in but not turned on, I leaned my bare leg against a metal filing cabinet next to the press and got zapped. Not good. After we upgrade, I'll be able to run a kiln. Woo!

Last note for today, I saved a big, hairy spider from certain death this morning, inside the house.

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