Sunday, July 25, 2010


Knocked out the back wall and finally installed a new window. Not only will I be able to cool the space in the summer, I'll have a view of the bunnies that live just outside! I still have to prime and paint the walls and ceiling and move everything back into the space. Plus, there's the electric upgrade. I lament about the process and worry about how long it will take but I'm looking forward to some growth and stability in a workspace. The trench digging for the new electric and to help with the drainage behind the building went well but we had a little glitch as the Ditch Witch got stuck in the trench that was just dug and we bent the tine that held the auger in place. The gear still works but the metal is bent and the auger is out of alignment so that means money out the door for a repair. Boo-hiss.

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