Thursday, June 17, 2010


Just a gripe for a moment. There is a dichotomy between the stark reality of nature and the mimicry that inhabits the natural world. There is what is true and then what is put on for appearance's sake. We have insects that pretend to be other animals to keep from being eaten. We have birds and animals that put on a show to catch a mate. In the human world, we have dress-up and gender bending and costuming for all sorts of reasons. But what do you do when, in the human world, you run into a person who displays a certain creepy, wanna-be-ness? They don't just costume and put on a generic show to be flamboyant. Instead, they seem to mimic other, real people in their lifestyle, their possessions, their likes, dislikes, personality, interests, environment, occupation and so on. Why? Because they lack their own identity. They wish so hard to create a reality that doesn't exist that they pretend to be other people that they envy. It's weird. It's creepy. It's sociopathic. No, literally, as in a Cluster B, Axis II personality disorder like Histrionic Disorder. Awesome.

Update for June 2010

Been a long time since I posted something. The Adaptation show went off really well, I thought. We got a lot of positive feedback -- to the pieces in the show, individually, and to the concept and execution of the show, in general. My thanks and gratitude go out to my fellow artists and the wonderful people at the local tourism office who let us use the space. We followed the fine art exhibit with a functional ware sale over the Mother's Day Weekend. Same location but this was a try-out of a weekend sale. The weather was crappy but for what it was and the pitiful advertising that happened, everyone was pleased. I'm sure we can do better next time.

In the mean time, I have a few more pieces in exhibitions, locally. All group things. I am currently working on getting together some exhibition plans with another artist friend to coincide with the upcoming World Equestrian Games in Lexington and also for a greenhouse idea next year. In addition, there are plans in the works to do some functional sales, particularly at Christmas. But getting back to the Adaptation show, I think we'll be putting together a vanity book as a portfolio piece.

This summer includes revamping the garage space to make a more functional four-season space for me to work. I hope to accommodate the clay and some room for some metal work. I really miss metal work. So its work, work, work and keep looking forward, building on the last success. Adaptation pix will be posted in the near future.