Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting my shit together

Sometimes I feel my moves to a successful career are glacially slow, but when I look back, even only recently, say, in the past six months, I realize I'm making real progress in moving towards the career and life I'm envisioning. The trick, so far, has been accepting that it doesn't happen overnight. To someone who is already handling a successful career, particularly in the arts, that may seem obvious, but when I think of the hundreds if not thousands of artists who wish for success but get discouraged and give up, it's not so obvious. For whatever reason, and I have to give my husband a great deal of the credit here, I have changed fundamentally from who I was 12 years ago. I have learned to plug away, stay focused (even if it doesn't feel like it), come back to a problem, organize (as much as possible) and trust my intuition. Am I making oodles of money? Hell, no. I'm still in the red but I'm making smarter investments.
This week we've begun renovations on our garage so I can work in a dedicated, functional, four-season studio as opposed to the ad hoc accommodations I've been dealing with for the past 5 years. It's not the final incarnation; we plan on a total garage/studio remodel in the future, but this will keep me from having to schlep materials, tools, greenware and finished pieces all over hell and creation and on a university schedule. It will also allow me to store and catalog my work. And, finally, it will prevent me from using the old stand-by excuse that I can't do [_____] because my stuff is not in one location. So we'll see how the work progresses. In the mean time, since I really don't have a space to work in , I am sketching and researching and planning my workload. Cross my fingers!

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