Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I hate computers

I have this love hate thing with computers. I'm a former part-time geek, a geek on the wagon, whatever. I have played with Mac computers for a long time and ended up making a career with them in graphic design in the 80's and 90s. My first husband is a consultant so I have a pretty good working knowledge of them and still think new things are cool. And I appreciate all that technology and computers do to add to my life experience, as I do cars, getting me from place to place with relative ease. But like cars, when things fuck up, I despise them, abhor then and wish I'd never known about them.

My iPhoto program is fucking up and had recently started hanging. The problem is it contains my entire art image database and my Adaptation book template. It also organizes all of my home photos. So when it fucks up, I get pissy and it puts the brakes on everything, including updates on this blog. However, I have managed a small fix, I think. So far. So we'll try not to stare at it too long , lest it decide to fuck up again. Reminds me, I need to back up.

Above is the new studio space complete with ceiling, wall, door, window, upgraded electric and new coat of paint. The enclosed space will allow me to regulate the inside temp thus allowing me to work year round. So time to finish up the details, move all my shit back in and get to work.

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