Sunday, August 30, 2009

What if I did nothing?

It's not uncommon for me to feel, as some people do, that when faced with a choice of action in life, one must do something. I must paint the wall blue or red. I must work in clay today and then paint until the evening. I must choose between functional work, craft or pure conceptual artistic expression. I must register Democratic or Republican party. I must like cats or dogs. I must move my ass now and eat breakfast in the morning or...

...or what? What if, instead, I did nothing? When a decision had to be made, what if I opted to choose nothing and to let the moment pass? What if I observed the moment free from my active influence? What if the wall stayed white? What if I read a book about silliness instead of working in either clay or paint? What if I did all forms of art, functional, craft and conceptual? What if I'm registered as an Independent? What if I like both cats and dogs? And ferrets? And katydids? And what if I did nothing and had cookies for breakfast and cereal for a snack? The world doesn't end. Not only that, it continues to function as if I never existed.

What freedom!

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